Writing a fan mail letter

I have interviewed all your characters beginning with Miriam — in her case withholding sugar over a period of several days proved sufficient inducement to render her quite communicative — I prefer to have all the facts at my disposal before taking action.

Maybe you have this overwhelming need to write to a politician so that you can further some agenda you have. Girls who are college aged and younger are notorious for their blabbing mouths and it is not unexpected to find them writing several pages to a stranger during class.

It's always cute to include a few pictures or drawings. There is no basis to it.

How to Write Perfect Fan Mail!

I have always found my best gratification in that creature called woman. Throw in asides, everyone loves asides. One for a rainy weekend afternoon! I was at a convention in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. Back in the 70s, a Cleveland Browns season ticket holder wrote the team to inform them of the fact that fans at the stadium had begun the habit of creating paper airplanes out of game programs and flying them through the crowd at the stadium.

Who am I to speculate why you might want to write the famous person of your choice? The distinction is sometimes hard to make, but if you can imagine actually meeting this person without ruining your pants in excitement, the chances are better that you could make a good impression on them.

How to Impress Celebrities with Fan Mail

Fan letters that were—wait for it—two to three pages long. Keep it Short I was talking to a friend, who recently had an op-ed published on an established website, about how she was getting some fan letters in her inbox.

Your recent appearance before a senatorial committee on which occasion you spoke in favor of continuing the present police practice of extracting confessions by denying the accused the right of consulting consul prior to making a statement also came to my attention. InGerrold commented: If you catch yourself sounding a bit creepy after you re-read your most recent paragraphs, be sure to add in the margins that you are not actually frightening and that you are in fact quite harmless.

I have to be clear. And a bit stalker-ish. Enjoy your dirty money. Songfic[ edit ] Songfic, also known as a song fic or a song-fic, is a genre of fan fiction that features a fictional work interspersed with the lyrics of a relevant song.

Just wanted to toss that idea your way. You may be writing an author to get practical tips in order to better your own writing style. However, within reason, a multiple page letter might be tolerated by a famous person, especially if you happen to be a younger female writer.

And authors out there… have you ever received a fan letter? Burroughs wrote Truman Capote a letter. The length of your letter is also very important. Often, rising stars and starlets have ego problems because you probably need to have one while fighting for a place in that game.

Such "disclaimers" are legally ineffective and based on misunderstandings of copyright lawparticularly confusion between illegal copyright infringement and unethical plagiarism. Write Back to All of Them After his longtime comedic partner Oliver Hardy passed away, the great Stan Laurel devoted much of his remaining years to personally responding to the many fan letters he received.

You will hear stuff about people sending pitches in pizza boxes. So why not be a little different? After all, if someone sends you any form of correspondence, you generally want to match that person in length and depth.

You choose instead to sell out a talent that is not yours to sell. Write in the future tense a lot. Follow these steps to create fantastic fan mail. Capote spent hours interviewing them and in the process grew close to them, especially Smith.

The only difference being, the Greek ideal Even one negative comment buried in a nice letter can hurt. Choose simple endings like Sincerely. Write a list of instructions for the house, things to know, important phone numbers, and neat local attractions that they ought to check out.

This goes for backhanded compliments too.On July 23,William S. Burroughs wrote Truman Capote a letter. “This is not a fan letter in the usual sense — unless you refer to ceiling fans in Panama.” Instead, Burroughs's missive is a poison pen letter, blistering even by the high standards of New York literary circles.

It seemed a small trouble to go to considering all I got from their writing. So I thought I would share some of the guidelines I used to write those letters, in case any.

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Writing a fan mail letter
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