Writing a blog for work

Do your points come across well? The page was accessible by a special "What's New" button in the Mosaic web browser. You also need to be able to accept that not every post is going to get your motor running.

All Freelance Writing has a library of publications that accept and pay for submissions. Make every post as good as it can be, learn from the experience, then move on. Check Your Facts A few years ago, I edited a piece written by a colleague focusing on the highlights of a major technology conference.

Whether you write your outline in your word processor, on a piece of paper, or even scribbled on a bar napkin, do whatever works for you to keep you focused.

He cited an article from Forbes in which the writer claimed Steve Jobs was using PowerPoint on stage — something that never happened. It has captured the public imagination, in part because the short posts are easy to read on the go or when waiting. Justin Hallwho began personal blogging in while a student at Swarthmore Collegeis generally recognized as one of the earlier bloggers, [16] as is Jerry Pournelle.

Since all blogs are on the internet by definition, they may be seen as interconnected and socially networked, through blogrolls, comments, linkbacks refbacks, trackbacks or pingbacksand backlinks. After a moment he left the room.

7 Tips for Writing that Great Blog Post, Every Time

Follow Brian on Twitter: While most said go with your gut, I was grateful for their interaction and their patience with my numerous questions.

Blogs can be hosted by dedicated blog hosting serviceson regular web hosting servicesor run using blog software. Presto, landed a gig! As of [update]Cutler is being sued by one of her former lovers in a case that could establish the extent to which bloggers are obligated to protect the privacy of their real life associates.

Pitch Your Story For many print journalists and writers, when they decide to go online and freelance, they stick to writing for publications and selling their stories. The H2 Real Estate blog does a great job of developing content that helps potential homeowners learn more about the community where the available homes are located since this is usually an important issue for homeowners.

Ask Friends, Family and Work Okay, this may be a no-brainer, but you never know until you ask! Some headlines practically write themselves. But correct it as soon as you can. Share you solutions with us all! This is the hidden importance of great titles, and why getting them right is so vital to a successful blog.

Long blocks of text are hard for readers to digest, especially when reading on computers and tablets. Plan your blog post by choosing a topic, creating an outline, conducting research, and checking facts.

For me, I belong to several entrepreneurial Facebook groups and I do my best to join in on the conversation. Let your readers get to know you.

Respond to blog comments. I use several different author bios depending on where I am guest posting. Senator Lott was eventually to resign his Senate leadership position over the matter.

Readers and search engines prefer to get meatier pieces words or more to make clicking through worth their time.

The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog

A great strategy is to write the introduction last.Jun 28,  · Your blog is probably one of your company's most valuable marketing tools. You use it to build trust with your customers, generate leads, educate consumers, and build brand awareness.

So. Blog Writing Article Writing Content Writing Creative Writing. Financial Writer (for financial advisor topics) It's a word of work writing these type of best of articles per week, and I want one person that can do all of it.

Article Writing. Health and Fitness. Setting the Record Straight Regarding My Facebook Work. Over the past 48 hours I’ve had some extremely serious accusations leveled against my integrity and my work. 20 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (As a Beginner) by Elna Cain | updated on Jul 27, Maybe as a way to provide a little extra work for clients to refer to as sample work from me?

I was originally going to blog and go the advertising route to provide an income off the blog, but freelance writing seems much more interesting to me.

2) Contest criteria: In order to be considered, a blog needed to be a writing blog. In order to qualify, at least 5 out of the 10 posts written prior 22 November (when the call for nominations went out) needed to be about writing and not not about freelancing, business, publishing, etc.

A blog about the hard work of writing! Sharing writers' tips and news about publishing, self-publishing, marketing, and, of course, news about writing itself!

Writing a blog for work
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