The factors affecting the deliverance of world peace

This framework defines national characteristics that are most closely associated with peace and has been derived from a process of statistical analysis. Wars cannot happen within or between nations with market-integrated economies because war requires the harming of others, and in these kinds of economies everyone is always economically better off when others in the market are also better off, not worse off.

The governments are forced to pay in the same coin to fight against terrorism to establish peace. The US force posture combined with the allies will "preserve peace through strength. In fact, nations with market-oriented socio-economies tend to agree on global issues [17] and not a single fatality has occurred in any dispute between them.

A fourth notable matter is that China and India have worked together to bring gradual improvement in their bilateral relations moving from past a relationship of rivalry and mutual misgivings to cautious cooperation.

The attitudes, institutions and structures associated with peace are also associated with many other aspects that are considered desirable, such as a strong business environment, gender equality and high levels of human capital; consequently, the Pillars of Peace can be seen as describing the optimal environment for human potential to flourish.

People are more concerned about their self and family comfort. This selfish attitude coupled with desire for material wealth has prompted people into corruption. Abraham was able to do this and so he was operating on a level of faith that many of us never venture.

Faiths may be personal, methodical, theoretical, practical, political, social or religious. United Nations Charter and international law[ edit ] After World War II, the United Nations was established by the United Nations Charter to "save successive generations from the scourge of war which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind" Preamble.

Natural Disasters This one is not under the control of humans. Again, terrorism is the result of faith of the terror groups in adopting the path of destruction and their belief in their own ideology.

Low corruption, by contrast, can enhance confidence and trust in institutions, which in turn helps to create informal institutions that enhance peace. Corruption prevails in many countries top to bottom.

But in the present era, everyone has the right to grow and prosper irrespective of communities they belong to. Several of these are listed below.

Terrorism Terrorism is the act of distorting peace by following violent path resulting in loss of lives and properties. Attempts were made to call every graduate of the course, but many could not be reached and others choose not to participate in this study.

Factors Affecting World Peace Religious Differences

And he shall judge between the nations and reprove many peoples, and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift the sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

But in the present communication era, the globe has shrunk and so do the Minds of the people who stick to the means of the religion and fail to realize the destiny. Respondents also indicated that they felt that the problems of violence are so overwhelming that there is little that can be done.

If the time is right for the Messianic Age within that person's lifetime, then that person will be the mashiach.

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This is particularly important because Germany had no plan for creating a war economy. Life Education should be primary for the poor as it gives them strength and attitude to overcome poverty and stand in their own leg.

Christian pacifism The basic Christian ideal specifies that peace can only come by the Word and love of God, which is perfectly demonstrated in the life of Christ: The celebration of this day is recognized by many nations and people. The solution is not so much based on an agreed agenda, or an investment in higher authority whether divine or political, but rather a self-organized network of mutually supportive mechanisms, resulting in a viable politico-economic social fabric.

Table V indicates the positive school factors that promote retention of peace education training. Poverty and suffering Irrespective of the sound economic growth of the countries, poverty prevails everywhere.

The larger world peace process and its foundational elements are addressed in the document The Promise of World Peacewritten by the Universal House of Justice. Sadly, the ultimate goal has not been served till date.Jan 09,  · According to the poll, 24 percent of the surveyed countries ranked the United States as the greatest threat to world peace today, followed by Pakistan at 8 percent, China at 6 percent and four.

Oct 03,  · The Pillars of Peace is a new conceptual framework for understanding and describing the factors that create peaceful societies. Developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, it was launched on the 10th. The above concept of one God as the creator of this one world clearly demands a unity in all the human incarnations and religious scriptures of the world.

Statements of uniqueness in different scriptures, if interpreted properly can achieve this unity. Jul 25,  · There are numerous factors that affect Global Peace, listed by various people, organizations and countries over centuries in the initiative to attain Global Peace. Though there are so many intrinsic factors, they can be classified under broad categories.

There would initially be a negative effect on the world economy. If the world woke up tomorrow and knew there would never be the threat of war again, there would be little political will for more military spending.

Feb 09,  · Eight out of 10 of the world's poorest countries are suffering, or have recently suffered, from large scale violent conflict.

World peace

Wars in developing countries have heavy human, economic, and social costs and are a major cause of poverty and underdevelopment.

The factors affecting the deliverance of world peace
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