Investigating length wire affects resistance

How Does the Length of a Wire Affect Its Resistance?

Students will find it easier to measure at a prescribed length if they tape the wire to a metre rule with insulating tape and make connections with flying leads rather than crocodile clips. I will make sure that I will not drop any dangerous equipment onto the floor, my hands and on other people also.

The potential difference is often just referred to as the voltage.

Investigating Resistance Essay

When using a power supply, high currents will cause the safety cut-out on the power packs to automatically switch it off. The more collisions between the electrons, and the atoms, the greater the resistance. I will increase the length of the copper wire by millimetres each time, so I will start at zero and increase the length up to millimetres.

Batteries and generators all push out electrons. As I illustrated previously the electrons collide with the ions in the wire that the resistance of a wire is about.

This is a diagram showing how the equipment will be set up: The lesser resistance of gauge wire means that it can allow charge to flow through it at a greater rate - that is, allow a larger current.

I have explained the formula for finding the voltage using the current and the resistance as shown on the previous page. It is measured in Volts V. The dependant variables are the potential difference and current.

Materials that do not allow electrons to move through them easily are called insulators. For this reason, it is important to keep the current very low - copper wire is effectively a short.

The amount of guidance will depend greatly upon the teaching group.

To Investigate How the Resistance of a Wire Is Affected by the Length of the Wire

Next, I will set the power pack on the lowest voltage possible to ensure that the current passing through the circuit isn't too high which could potentially affect the results because the wire would get too hot. Students can select the variables, the ranges of results and the equipment used.

Investigating the resistance of wires

There are a few things that need to be taken into mind in order for my results to be accurate. Personally I do not think that I need to change anything if I were to redo the experiment.

Investigating the resistance of wires

Determine the resistance of a 1-mile length of gauge copper wire.Investigating how the length of wire affects the resistance.

Topics: Electrical measurements, How the Length of a Wire Affects Its Resistance In my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance. The experiments will be investigating the relationship between the thickness of the wire and the length of the wire.

I will connect up a circuit like shown above, the power supply coming from a power pack. The length of the wire will be changed by moving the crocodile clip across the wire on a ruler. The independent variable will be the length of the wire because that is what I will be changing. The dependant variable will be the resistance because it will change only due to the length of wire/5(3).

The wire material is also an important factor to consider, as it can affect the wire length that can be used on a project. Highly conductive materials like silver and copper offer the least amount of resistance to the flow of electrons compared to a highly resistant material like rubber.

As shown by the equation, knowing the length, cross-sectional area and the material that a wire is made of (and thus, its resistivity) allows one to determine the resistance of the wire. Investigate! Resistors are one of the more common components in electrical circuits.

- Investigating the Resistance of a Wire Planning Aim The aim of my investigation is to investigate how length affects the resistance of a wire. Resistance is the force, which opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit.

Investigating length wire affects resistance
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